Dr Shamistra Barathan tells us why ACNEM Conferences provide vital assistance to her work2019-04-29T16:31:07+00:00

Dr Shamistra Barathan explains why the ACNEM Conference changes lives  

Sitting in the audience at her first ACNEM Conference five years ago Dr Shamistra Barathan found herself asking: “Why haven’t I been taught all of this before?”

“We learn very little about nutritional medicine at medical school so there’s a huge gap in our knowledge base and by learning more at an ACNEM conference – this can make a massive difference,” she said.

“I would never miss a conference now because I know I’ll always learn something and be able to apply it to my patients. Straight after my first conference, I began applying everything I’d learnt to my patients – and myself – and I could see the benefits almost immediately.”

“That’s what I want to let other practitioners know, you learn so much and it makes a massive difference and lives can be changed.”

Finding a community of like-minded practitioners

Dr Barathan said one of the best things about an ACNEM Conferences is the fact you’re able to network and talk with other clinicians.

“It gives you the confidence to keep doing what you’re doing so you can get better results for your patients,” she said.

“When I work with patients and we change their diet we can see changes in their blood markers within six to eight weeks. That’s really what it’s all about.”

Filling the gap between celebrity authors and the medical industry

Dr Barathan believes ACNEM fills the gap between celebrity authors and the medical industry.

“We’ve got the Internet now and we’ve got all these books out about health. If you read them, there’s so much knowledge on diet and it’s more than most doctors really know about. But we cannot be ignorant about all of this, after all, nutrition is number one and it’s essential for our health.

“People come in to see me and say ‘I’ve read this book on lectins’ or ‘I’ve read this book on fasting’ and you have to have some idea what they’re talking about or you actually look quite silly,” Dr Barathan said.

“If you can say, ‘Yes, I’ve read that book’ or ‘I know about that research,’ they trust you and eventually, you’ll attract like-minded patients who are interested in these areas.”

ACNEM – provides information in an accessible format

Dr Barathan enjoys the accessible format of an ACNEM Conference and being able to access years of research in one weekend.

She said she completes the ACNEM training and online modules and coupled with the ACNEM Conference every year is proud to be slowly building up her knowledge.

“To be able to offer something different to your patients is pretty awesome,” she says.

“We need to equip ourselves with other tools. I have patients coming to me who are looking for a holistic doctor and when I can get them to change their lifestyle and their diet and we see the results in their blood tests so quickly these patients are encouraged to keep on this path.”

Conference covers the major areas

Dr Barathan says the ACNEM 2019 Conference: Evolving Landscapes of Nutrition in Medicine covers key topical issues she deals with daily.

“It’s the bread and butter of what we do in general practice,” she said.

“It’s obesity, its diabetes, its lipid profiles. The rates of these conditions are increasing so we can see there’s something not quite right. We need to be equipped with a different approach.”

Dr Barathan says nutritional knowledge is crucial to the healthy evolution of people.

“I look at our population as being overfed and undernourished. There’s an abundance of food available but we can’t assume everyone’s eating well.”

Dr Shamistra Barathan will be attending this years’ ACNEM Conference from May 24th – 26th in Melbourne. Dr Barathan is an Integrative General Practitioner practicing at Nicholson Health and Wellness, Fitzroy North in Melbourne, MBBS (UK), MRCGP, FRACGP, DRCOG,