In-depth news about our conference speakers and presentations.

Pre-Conference Workshop

Learn the practical skills to get the right results

Friday May 24th 1.30pm to 4.00pm – $100

Get into the swing of things early with an interactive learning session at the ACNEM Pre-Conference Workshop presented by Associate Professor Ross Grant and Dr Sam Mirzaee.

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Extended Networking Drinks at the 2019 ACNEM Conference

When: 5.30pm to 7pm Saturday May 25

Where: Pullman Melbourne on the Park 192 Wellington Parade East Melbourne

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t”

ACNEM is proud to announce extended Networking Drinks and Nibbles sponsored by Next Practice.

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Protect your prostate

Urology is a surgical speciality with a cut to cure ethos. But world leading Urologist Dr Noor Buchholz knows the right nutrition and lifestyle are essential to protecting the prostate.

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When sperm counts have halved in Australian men – we have an issue

According to Amie Skilton, sperm counts have halved in Australia over the last 30 years and now, a sperm count morphology where 4% of the sperm are considered healthy – is considered a good result. Add to this the fact “… it’s the health of the sperm which drives the health of the pregnancy and the placenta – even the ability of the woman to hold on to the baby,” and male fertility looks like an important issue for our overall health.

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Dr Shamistra Barathan tells us why ACNEM Conferences change lives

Sitting in the audience at her first ACNEM Conference five years ago Dr Barathan found herself asking: “Why haven’t I been taught all of this before?”

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How oxidative stress and free radical burden speeds up the ageing process and what you can do about it

Dr Ross Grant will present the Pre-conference Workshop at the ACNEM Conference on Friday May 24th on the topic: Personalised testing for free radical burden and inflammation in the context of clinical and lifestyle outcomes.

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Pre-Conference Workshop will show how to radically lower heart attack risk

During the ACNEM Pre-Conference Workshop, Dr Sam Mirzaee will discuss why many practitioners have been unsuccessful in controlling conventional risk factors and therefore being able to reduce the rate of heart attack and strokes in their patients.

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Have we taken the ‘Public’ out of ‘Public Health’?

Professor Grant Schofield talks about how we reached the situation where the medical profession in Australia and New Zealand have become outdated and un-involved in public health?

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Leading female doctor says a woman’s fitness and nutrition program should be planned around her menstrual cycle

Dr Natasha Andreadis, pictured here with her Boobs on the Run group, explains why it’s so important to take into account a woman’s menstrual cycle when planning her nutrition and fitness program.

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Dr Shami Barathan Interviews Dr Robert Szabo

Dr Robert Szabo, founder of The Low Carb Clinic, gives us the background on how to put the pieces together for type 2 diabetes reversal and how this method is working for many patients.

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Compelling evidence shows a low-carb diet can work as a preventative for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s as well as many other chronic conditions

When we talked with Cliff Harvey, clinical nutritionist and researcher, he told us his research has shown there’s so much which can be done for a whole range of conditions using a low-carb diet.

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We are getting sicker and fatter. Has our medicine done a fat lot of good?

This is the topic Dr Peter Brukner, well-known sports doctor, will be presenting at the ACNEM Conference in May 24-26.

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Understanding the link between oestrogen, circadian rhythms and metabolic health

We sat down with Dr Jim Parker to learn about his ACNEM Conference presentation.

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Why when you eat could be as important as what you eat

We chat with Nathan Rose about his upcoming presentation at the ACNEM Conference.

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