2017 Conference Speakers

Associate Professor Felice Jacka

Professor Michael Fenech

Professor Michael Fenech, a Research Group leader at CSIRO Australia, is recognised internationally for his research in nutritional genomics and genetic toxicology and for developing the cytokinesis-block micronucleus (CBMN) assay to measure DNA damage in human cells. His goal is to determine the nutritional and environmental requirements for DNA damage prevention using in vitro systems, epidemiology and placebo-controlled human intervention trials. Dr. Fenech proposed a novel disease prevention strategy based on personalised diagnosis and prevention of DNA damage by appropriate diet/life-style intervention, which has led to the Genome Health Clinic concept and practice. His laboratory developed the CBMN assay into a ‘cytome’ assay of six complementary biomarkers of DNA damage and cytotoxicity. He co-founded the HUMN and HUMN-XL projects on micronuclei in human populations and the Micronutrients Genomics Project. His research is currently also focussed on the impact of nutrition on telomere length and function. He was awarded the Flinders University’s Convocation Medal (2007), the Alexander Hollaender Award (USA) (2008), and honorary titles of Adjunct Professor at University of South Australia (2009), Taipei Medical University (2010), Flinders University (2011), University of Adelaide (2013) and Fellow of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (2012). His 220 publications have been cited 11,000 times and his H-index is 52.

Associate Professor Ross Grant

Dr Denise Furness

Molecular Geneticist and Nutritionist

Owner/Consultant at Your Genes & Nutrition

Dr Denise Furness is a molecular geneticist, registered nutritionist and registered exercise professional. She conducted her PhD at CSIRO Human Nutrition, before completing a postdoctoral fellowship with the University of Adelaide’s Research Centre for Reproductive Health. Specifically, her research investigated folate nutrigenomics, methylation and DNA damage in relation to pregnancy outcomes. She has published her work in peer reviewed medical journals and regularly presents at national and international conferences. In 2012 Denise shifted from an academic research position to a clinical/consulting role at “Your Genes and Nutrition” helping patients and practitioners understand the role of nutrigenomics and genetic testing in relation to various health outcomes. Her interests include the diagnosis and treatment of underlying triggers such as detoxification, inflammation, oxidative stress and methylation.

Associate Professor Ross Grant

Dr Dave Jenkins 

Dr Dave Jenkins qualified from Otago University Medical School in New Zealand in 1982.  His career includes general practice, senior lectureships at Auckland medical school, executive director for education for an Asian Pacific corporate health project, founding International Humanitarian Charity SurfAid and currently practices as an optimal health and functional medicine physician specialising in cognitive decline stabilisation and reversal.
Dr Dave Jenkins is an expert in the science of optimal health and longevity and a member of the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine. He is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health now and into a long vital future.
Following training with Professor Dale Bredesen Dave’s new specialised mission is to dramatically improve the screening, prevention and treatment for all people with cognitive decline in Australasia and is planning to collaborate with Australian scientists in a multisite trial of “The Bredesen Protocol” in 2017.

Associate Professor Ross Grant

Dr Natalie Parletta

Dr Natalie Parletta is an Senior Research Fellow with the University of South Australia and clinical Dietitian/Nutritionist at the Centre for Health and Wellbeing in Adelaide. She has a Bachelor of Psychology (with Honours), a PhD and a Master of Dietetics, and has spent over 10 years researching links between diet/nutrition and mental health. She has published more than 50 papers and won several awards for her research including an SA Science Excellence and SA Health award.

Associate Professor Ross Grant

Warren Maginn 

is a Clinical Nutritionist, College Lecturer and Speaker, specialising in the personalised and functional management of chronic metabolic dysfunction. Warren holds a bachelor degree in Nutritional Medicine as well as postgraduate qualifications in Human Nutrition and teaches bachelor students of nutrition in Brisbane Australia, whilst serving as the National Chair of Nutrition for the Australian Natural Therapists Association, and acting as Scientific Advisor to practitioner resource companies, supporting naturopathic and medical practitioners around the country in their use of functional pathology testing as a basis to integrative health management.

Warren has been consulted for numerous radio interviews around the country, and has appeared on Channel 9’s Sunday Today Show, to discuss various chronic health issues facing the Australian population.

Warren is passionate about engaging students and practitioners to advance the current scientific understanding in the field of functional and integrative healthcare in both Australia and abroad, and brings a multi-faceted understanding of the many challenges facing both the scientific research and the real world implementation of integrative healthcare practice, to bring about optimum wellbeing in the modern environment.

Associate Professor Ross Grant

Marla Cunningham

BHSc(CompMed), DipHSc(HerbMed)

Technical Innovation Manager, Health World Ltd

Marla Cunningham is a Naturopath with a passion for research, education and evidence-based natural medicine practice. In her more than 15 years of industry experience, Marla has worked in diverse areas, including pharmacy, professional education development, natural health care practitioner support, clinical trial management, and product development for Metagenics at Health World Ltd. Marla’s role in Technical Innovation ensures that Metagenics leads the industry in the development of innovative products and educational programs, providing Practitioners with the tools and knowledge they need for successful clinical practice. Marla is passionate about sharing the insights gained from extensive literature reviews and researcher and clinician relationships with fellow health care practitioners.

Associate Professor Ross Grant

Dr Tim Ewer – MC

Dr Tim Ewer has been working in integrative medicine for the last 23 years and has a health centre near Nelson, NZ. Prior to that he was a hospital physician for 10 years after gaining his medical degree and specialist qualifications in the UK. He has trained in a variety of modalities including nutrition, mind-body therapies, acupuncture, bio-energetic techniques, and environmental and hyperbaric medicine.
He has been an advisor to WHO on natural medicine and to the NZ government on CAM. He has a long term interest in exploring ways to bridge the different paradigms of East and West, and he is passionate in his support for AIMA and it’s role of integrating the best of biomedicine with the best of complementary medicine.
This includes expanding AIMA’s role as a peak body for integrative medicine, encouraging research at both the grass-roots of clinical health care and working with academia, and making integrative medicine a highly useful and attractive option for young doctors and health professionals.

Associate Professor Ross Grant

Danny Urbinder 

Danny Urbinder has worked in the health industry for over 20 years. A qualified Naturopath who graduated from the Southern School of Natural Medicine, Danny was a lecturer in Nutritional Biochemistry at the Australian College of Natural Medicine for many years.
He also worked for several years in functional pathology with ARL as their Technical Service Manager. Eleven years ago he joined FIT-BioCeuticals, where he is Head of Education.


Associate Professor Ross Grant

Dr John Hart

Dr John Hart specialises in Brain Health Medicine and Elite Anti-ageing Medicine at The Hart Clinic in Mosman. Dr Hart has undergraduate degrees in Sports Science, Arts and Medicine, plus an Honours degree in Exercise Physiology (University Medal) and a Masters in Sports Medicine. He has trained with Professor Dale Bredesen in reversing dementia, Dr Mark Gordon in traumatic brain injury treatment, Dr Thierry Hertoghe in anti-aging medicine and nutritional medicine, and the Institute of Functional Medicine and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He has completed the ACNEM primary program. He released ‘The Brain Book’ and contributed to ‘Well & Good’ in 2016.

The Hart Clinic uses a functional medicine approach to determine the root causes of chronic degenerative diseases, specialising in lifestyle and whole body investigation and treatment to repair brain injury and optimise brain function.

Dr Hart has a special interest in the environmental effects on health, and the ‘bio-hacks’ that can circumvent the degenerative effects of modern life.