2020 Conference Sponsorship opportunities are now open. Please contact us if you would like to find out more information about the packages on offer. This page will be updated as new sponsors come on board.

ACNEM thanks the 2020 Conference Sponsors:

Platinum sponsor


Metagenics has been providing Natural Medicines for over 30 years and is the number one supplier of quality Natural Medicines in Australia and New Zealand. We are committed to providing the best education and services, and ensuring we deliver products of high quality and efficacy, helping natural healthcare professionals achieve the best outcomes. We are dedicated to helping people live happier, healthier lives, and believe a personalised and holistic approach is fundamental to addressing the drivers of dysfunction and disease. At Metagenics, we believe that understanding the underlying cause to disease is key in achieving optimal health.



BioCeuticals is Australia’s leading provider of practitioner-only nutritional and therapeutic supplements. As a progressive force in integrative health, BioCeuticals believes practitioner advice is key to optimal health treatment outcomes.

BioCeuticals is dedicated to allied healthcare professionals and is committed to research, functional formulas and practitioner support programs. Our brand is guided by the principles of quality, innovation and integrity, and our products are based on naturopathic and evidence-based medicine.

Leaders in innovative supplements, integrative health, research and practitioner support.


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